Thursday, 10 November 2011

Gemstones for prosperity and wealth

Gemstones and crystals bring loads of luck, power, wealth and prosperity to its owner. They emit positive energy and work together with the cosmic powers to give you your hearts desires. It is important to choose your own special stone so that the gemstone vibrations can become attuned with your own vibrations to realize maximum effects of the gemstone’s powers. You only need to know which gemstones are connected with wealth, money and finance and choose the one most suitable to you. You may wonder why certain people keep getting richer and wealthier whereas your financial status does not seem to improve at all. They probably have found their lucky stones that are helping them to prosper.

The Jade gemstone is popularly known as the stone of wealth. It brings success, affluence and prosperity in your life. It gives you wisdom to analyze issues and take right decisions especially in your business. It makes you energetic and helps you to work well in stressful situations too. The Jade is known to prosper dying businesses, bringing money and good fortune. The Jade confers you with health, happiness and prospers you financially.

The yellow Sapphire gemstone attracts wealth and prosperity in your home. It helps you to achieve your goals in life and makes you a successful person. The radiant yellow sapphire channelizes your efforts to bring you rewards and success. Placing a yellow sapphire gemstone in the north direction of your office room prospers you in your business ventures and opens up new avenues for business expansion and development. It improves your concentration power and mental skills to bring you financial success. Wearing a yellow sapphire stone will give you a comfortable and luxurious life.

The Hessonite stone is commonly known as business and career stone. It makes you popular with people around you and brings favors from your boss. Keeping a hessonite garnet stone in your place of work, will attract wealth and prosperity and take you to heights of success. It is highly recommended for economic prosperity and those involved in businesses.

The Emerald gemstone brings wealth and happiness in your life. It improves your confidence and thinking power. It helps you in deals to acquire large lands and properties, improving your finances significantly. It increases the flow of money in your home, making you richer and more affluent. The lush green Emerald is known to attract money, wealth and success. Wearing emerald jewelry will give you wisdom and enhances your intuitive power. It gives out peaceful vibrations and counter acts all ill effects of the planet Mercury. This beautiful gemstone is also known to improve memory and mental skills. It gives you courage and confidence to overcome challenges and gives you financial prosperity.

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