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How to know if a gemstone is real or fake?

Knowing if a gemstone is real or fake is important so that you don’t end up paying more than its value. Why should you be paying a great deal of money for a fake gem? At the first glance you may not be able to distinguish between a real and fake gem. So you will need to look more closely and look for signs.

Imitation or simulated stones look real but their physical characteristics are far from real stones. All natural stones have some inclusions, which makes it easier for a gemologist to distinguish between a real gem and fake gem. So if you are being sold a gem that looks too perfect, it is likely to be a synthetic one that has undergone many treatments in the lab. There is no harm in buying a synthetic gemstone as long as you are fine with it.

About 90% gems are treated to enhance their beauty. Very rarely will you find a gem that is naturally beautiful. If the gem dealer discloses information about its treatment, it is far better than someone trying to sell you a fake gem claiming that it is original. Heat treatments are fine as long as they are disclosed at the time of purchase.

Natural gemstones are ones that are naturally beautiful, without any treatments or enhancements. Synthetic gems have more sparkle than real gemstones. They have more weight than original stones as chemicals are added to make the gem look real. A fake gemstone could either be a glass stone or a lab-created stone. A glass gemstone can have tiny bubbles inside or scratches on it. Normally lab-created gems do not have inclusions as they are hidden or filled. A fake gemstone will have uneven luster and color. If you notice any uneven color, it could mean that the stone has been dyed to hide flaws. Synthetic gems have scissor cuts and glass gems have rounded edges on cuts.

Testing if a diamond is real or fake is easy. If you breathe on it, it should not turn foggy. The real test of a real diamond is that it should be able to cut glass. A genuine gemstone will have GIA (Gemological Institute of America Appraisal) certification. If you have any doubts about the stone being real, take it to a gemologist and have it checked. He will easily be able to tell if it is fake or genuine. If a gemstone has been treated, it can easily be detected by a gemologist.

There are loads of books on gemstones available in stores. Pick up any one of your choice and study it for more detailed information. When you are buying a gemstone, ask lot of questions to the jeweler. He should be willing to answer your queries patiently. If he avoids answering or does not know much, that can be a red flag for you.

The gemstone should be reasonably priced. If it is too cheap or too expensive, you need to be extra careful. Having said all that, it is okay to buy a synthetic gem, especially if you are not so particular about wearing only a genuine stone. If you get a good bargain for a synthetic stone that you really liked, you can buy it even if it is not 100% real. It’s up to you really, whether you want to buy a real gem or a fake gem will do. It also depends on your budget too.

Whenever you need to know if a gemstone is real or fake, check the pricing and whether it is reasonable. Also check the clarity and color as discussed above. Take a good look and examine the gemstone closely. Lastly, you can always rely on a jeweler or a gemologist to test if the gemstone is real or fake.

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