Monday, 2 April 2012

Natural Blue Sapphire Symbol of Truth

    History and symbolism of the blue sapphire natural gemstones
 For thousands of years, many people came and wrote about this beautiful as well as colorful natural gemstone which is the blue sapphire. The name was first derived from Sanskrit which was ‘sauriratna’. Later , the Hebrew term for ‘sauriratna’ became ‘sapphir’ which meant the most beautiful of things. It went through Greek and Latin and thus became ‘sapphire’ as in modern day English. Blue sapphires as loose gemstones are found the world over but the highest quality of gemstones is found in Myanmar (Burma), Australia and the countries of Southeast Asia. Sapphires were said to be first discovered in the United States circa. 1865. It was discovered around an area which is known as the Yogo Gulch in Montana. This place is known for its high-clarity and naturally blue sapphire gemstones. Artificially made blue sapphire gemstones are also available and they are so perfect in their crystallization that you will require only an expert to tell the difference between it and a naturally formed blue sapphire.
Besides truth, blue sapphire gemstones are also the symbol of peace and sincerity and is associated with divinity and favor. Thus, natural gemstone was normally worn by priests to signify their association with the heavens and God. History shows that the Middle Ages was the period where priests wore sapphire that represented their union with the sky which again is symbolic of heaven. A blue sapphire can also be found in a bishop’s ring as well.

Blue sapphire: The birth stone of September

Blue sapphire is known as the birth stone of September i.e. those who are born in this month can derive maximum benefit of this stone. But in ancient times, this natural gemstone was known as the birthstone of April. Now it's better known as the birthstone of September. that stone is also considered to be the symbol of Venus and Saturn.

  • Aquarius
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Capricorn
Those people under the astrological signs of they can also wear it. The aura of healing, love as well as power is reflected in this gemstone and those who wear it is said to have mental clarity along with financial gains.

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